Bicycle Parts & Components
You can find all kinds of bicycle parts to our shop. From the smallest screw to entire bicycle frame. Brakes, Chainsets, Handlebars, Bottom brackets, Screws and Bolts e.t.c.

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  • Special Bicycle Parts
    Unique Accessories for Customizing your Bicycle
  • Pedals - Chain Drive
    Pedals, Chainrings, Cranks, Freehubs
  • Brakes & Gears
    Brakes, Brake levers, Gears, Gear Shifters, Derailleurs, Inner Gear Hubs
  • Small Bicycle Parts
    Here you can find our range of small bicycle parts like screws, bicycle light attachments, nuts and bolts, spokes, adaptors etc..
  • Wheels Tyres

    Bicycle Wheels, Tubes and Tyres. For new bicycles or for old bicycles, vintage bicycles and Bicycle restoration. Classic Bicycles, Oldtimers and Retro Bicycles, City Bicycles with westwoods type rims and Brakes. Tyres for difficult to find sizes 28x1-1/2, 22 in tyres etc

  • Bicycle KITs and...

    Classic Bicycle Frames and Bicycle KITS.

    With brazed joints or high quality TIG welded.

    KITS come already painted with high strength powder coating paints and Frames are almost ready to be painted to any color you like. They need just the minimum of pre paint job preparation. 

    With these KITS you get into building your own custom bike with no unexpected bad surprises or any other complications