About CityBikeGear

CityBikeGear is the online store dedicated to city bikes and accessories. 

The city bikes are bikes that are made - in general - for small to medium distances with frequent stops. You can ride them wearing simple everyday clotheshave more upright (and more comfortable for their use) cycling posture, chain guard (not to dirty your foot or your pants), front and rear lightsbell. Also most they have a rear rack or even rear and front racks in order to carry stuff or to attach accessories such as basketsspecial bicycle briefcase or bags (paniers). In addition they have more comfortable handling in the conditions of the city and you can use your hand to notify for change of direction with far greater ease of handling of the bike because of your more upright riding position and different rider's center of gravity relative to the bike

The city bikes are bikes made to be transportation- tools to ride and your make your everyday jobs in the city

Here at CityBikeGear your bike will become more beautiful, more special and more functional .. A user friendly real transportation medium .. and always Chic!

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