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    Brakes, Brake levers, Gears, Gear Shifters, Derailleurs, Inner Gear Hubs

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    • Brake levers
      Bicycle Brake levers. For any kind of bicycle. For new bicycles or for old and vintage Bicycle restoration
    • Cables & Housing
      Bicycle brake cables and bicycle gear cables. Outer cables n various colors and inner cables with various tips and barrels. For new and for old bicycles restoration
    • Brake pads
      Bicyle Brake Pads. For New and for Old Bicycles. For V-Brakes,U-Brakes,Pivot and Classic City Bicycle Brakes. Brake pads for Old type bicycles and Westwood rims. For Bicycle restoration
    • Derailleur (Rear)
      Bicycle rear derailleur. For new and Old bicycles. Derailleurs compatible with index and continuous (friction) shifters
    • Derailleurs (Front)
      Bicycle front derailleur. For new and Old bicycles.
    • Cassettes
      Bicycle gear cassettes. With 3-5-6-7-9-10-12 Cogs. For New Bicycles and compatible for Bicycle Restoration
    • Brake Rotors
      Bicyle disc Brake Rotors
    • Shifters
      Bicycle gear shifters of all types. Indexed shifters and Friction shifters. For new bikes and for classic bicycles restoration. Made of plastic or alloy. Vintage racing bicycles double or single shifters
    • Brakes
      Bicycle brakes, rim brakes,classic sport brakes,V-Brakes, caliper brakes and Cantilever brakes and accessories. Brakes and brake parts for classic bicycle restoration. Rod brakes & coaster brakes
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    Showing 1 - 10 of 65 items
    Showing 1 - 10 of 65 items